Shenzhen ping shan senior high school, opened in 2006, directly under the original belong to longgang district all boarding high school, for the urban configuration of the two levels of government in accordance with the national demonstration high school standards, investment, built in 200 million; In June 2009, belong to ping shan district management, for the new city currently only a full boarding public high school.Schools located in the eastern part of shenzhen ping shan new town center, Ma Luanshan, mirs bay, pillow, blue ridge ring water, nature, spirit. One of the big three disciple of Confucius, the spring and autumn period and the insistance of zengzi ranks the later generations since the 70th generation of flow; Dapeng fortress, Jesus Christ, Toyota in localized, dongjiang site, rich human resources in the enrichment of si. School covers an area of 91400 square meters, with a total construction area of 84300 square meters, equipment and facilities with a total investment of 200 million yuan. Schools of modern design, rational layout, function is perfect. Motor area, district, living quarters are the two wings group distribution, buildings of symmetry, pure and fresh and elegant. All the teaching equipment in accordance with the standard of national demonstration high school. School has covered all gigabit campus network, campus radio and TV system, infrared safety monitoring and standards designated venue monitoring electron system. Schools now 60 classes, 3000 students, 421 faculty members. 1 250 full-time teachers, special-class teacher, senior teacher of 38. The district more than the leader, the backbone teachers, 31 people world rookie, nan yue good teacher; A master's degree, double teachers 41 people. School was named in 2009 primary schools in guangdong province, in 2010 was rated as excellent teaching school in guangdong province, in 2011, is about to declare state-level demonstration in guangdong province ordinary high school early acceptance supervision. Gained provinces at various levels and of the collective honor 26, four consecutive years was named the city, the district education system advanced unit. Shenzhen school-running benefit award successively, shenzhen beyond award more than 40 items such as collective awards in the college entrance examination. Also has won the Chinese people's liberation army bayi TiGong brigade swimming base, the national science education experiment base, model of 720 national youth sports service station, national psychological health education scientific research base, the national hundred school projects abroad to personnel reserve base, the national advanced school, high school chemistry new curriculum implementation of modern education technology experimental school of guangdong province, shenzhen quality-oriented education campus culture characteristic school, shenzhen 38 red flag collective, shenzhen advanced worker collective, area grass-roots party organizations, trade unions, advanced areas of safety management work advanced unit, area the first education scientific research advanced unit, the district foundation education course reform of advanced schools, district primary and secondary school education of science and technology the honorary title of advanced unit, etc, have been completed ascending 500 levels of running schools in guangdong province, shenzhen green schools, scholarly campus, the school scheme evaluation and acceptance.