Students in our school participated in the second session of Shenzhen Maker Faire

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Students in our school participated in the second session of Shenzhen Maker Faire


On October 13th, the spectacular "double week" kicked off in Shenzhen. At the same time,  the second session of Shenzhen Maker Faire, which is sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau announced its opening in Shenzhen Second High school. Pingshan High School, is the only one participating schools in Ping Shan District. With the guidance of science and technology teachers, students in Grade 10 form a group called the" match hackerspaces ",which was speakon highly of by others.

During the Maker Faire, students in our school displayed " green clothing ", the final gold medal" carbon free car ", and the use of laser engraving machine produced by the" creative pen "and" tag "the use of laser cutting machine, making the" box "and" crack "and" pagoda "as well as" creative seal ".

The works of our school attracted many leaders, teachers and students. The proudest thing is that the works were thought highly of by the mayor of Shenzhen, Secretary for education, Leadership Academy have come to the event, the education bureau director Fan Kun, academy dean Ye Wenzi. They also came to our school to show a communication between teachers and students, and my school photo of me the school works admiration, students will have their own handmade pen to the director fan.

Except the exhibition, many activities, and various science and technology competitions were held. Teachers and students of our school is also actively involved in the declaration by Hu Xiaoying, Mr. Hou Yaxin's" carbon free car "hit off the project, declared by Xu Liping, Qin Jianxiong teacher of the" green clothing "creating projects are" in Shenzhen city outstanding record passenger project "award, directed by Qin Jianxiong Maier Dan teacher, produced by the students," the car in distress automatic alarm device "won the Hu Xiaoying prize for works, off the record, Mr. Hou Yaxin, what Jianchao produced by the students" creative "won the record off work" crack "third-prize, " 3D print " ," virtual robot "project has obtained excellent results.



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