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Life is just like a flower

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    Our common name—I was a member of Pingshan High School; we share the same slogan—you are a miracle! This is the youth of Pingshan High School, this is the quality of Pingshan High School, and this is the power of Pingshan High School.

   For ten years, Pingshan High School has rewrote the history which there is no high school in the six towns of Pingshan and Kengzi, taking a solid step for the balanced development of education in Shenzhen. At the same time, it also laid the foundation for a complete and good basic education in Pingshan New District which is newly founded.

   For ten years, Pingshan High School has gone through extraordinary course from juvenile to youth. It implements the “four priorities”project in Pingshan New District, promoting quality education, collecting achievements of the school and evoking the teachers and students’ creation.

   For ten years, the members in Pingshan High School jointed their hands to overcome numerous difficulties with a strong will. Using the harmony of the team as the most powerful arm, Pingshan High School constantly improve the quality of itself.

On the afternoon of September 28, Pingshan High School held a quality education performance as well as the 10th anniversary activity, which showed the achievements of the quality education, sorting out the achievements of the school.


Life is just like a flower, which shows the green quality

 Pingshan High School is a school that starts late from a low state, but it grows fast and is of rich connotation. From this school you can see the epitome of the development of Shenzhen, especially the charm and hope of leap-forward development of the new Pingshan education under the implement of the strategy of eastward.

   Since the opening day on September 1,2006, Pingshan High School has gone through an extraordinary course. The high quality has won universal praise, receiving the dignity for the members in Pingshan High School.

   Our school has passed the assessment of first-class school of Shenzhen, first-class school of Guangdong Province and the demonstrative high school of Guangdong Province. It has won the nearly a hundred honors of national, provincial and city rank, like the National School of Science education Experimental base, the Excellent School in Guangdong Province, Model School which governed by law, Advanced Educational Unite in Shenzhen, and one of the first scholarly campus in Shenzhen.

   In Pingshan High School, the teacher team grows continually and can be compared with famous schools. It not only has Guangdong Province principal work room host, Shenzhen famous principal work room, famous teachers work room host and Shenzhen first creative guests laboratory. It also emerged provincial, city, and district level teacher groups and model section group and excellent section group, which won international, national, provincial, and city race awards with over 300 people. Among them, Shenzhen first annual teachers nominated Award winner Yao Yuan is an outstanding representative of this excellent group.

   From 2009 of the first session entrance school, there are only 3 people had focus undergraduate line, to 2016 eighth session entrance, 324 people had focus undergraduate line, focus rate up to 34.5%, to class school admitted line of results over has Shenzhen City taught section hospital measuring of 10 by a, and b class school focus rate 30% above of standard, undergraduate rate more is reached has 63.5% of new height, became similar school of leader, in Pingshan High School, students groups flowers bloom and bright scene.

Shenzhen City Bureau Deputy Secretary Fan Kun soulful memories  the experts of Pingshan High School in guide students to learn the  process in redaction of textbook, and implementation aptitude strategy,, thinking "Pingshan High School is a school which has high pursuit, and deep rooted in this tablets land. Her fast development show unlimited potential of Shenzhen educationto some degree. And her success transformation shows the confidence and pursuit of Shenzhen East education. Pingshan High School has became a school of advanced concept, sharp features and high quality.

 Do not change the beginner's mind

Range far your eye over long vistas

Ping shan district management committee, deputy directorLin Liangpei, made a speech on behalf of the new city . He stressed that Pingshan High School shoulder the heavy task to promote the quality of basic education, also carrying the lead, demonstration district education mission. Practice has proved that in Pingshan Senior High School, education has become a new area and new district people's livelihood project. It has become a beautiful card, which has become the new foundation education rapid development and the representatives and microcosm of the connotation of ascension.

Quality education is not only the direction of education macro development, but also is the crystallization of microscopic training school teachers and students comprehensive qualities.

School quality education theme The Flower of Life, and literature and art performance will be commemorative activities to a climax.The three main chapters, " The buds are competing for spring " "rosy JuHuaYing" " Spanning the plum fragrance ” , all show the people in Pingshan High School think and act in the process of quality-oriented education. According to artistic performances adapted from Ping master's entrepreneurial stories such as sitcoms in the heart of kapok, song and dance drama The holy snow lotus, small musical You are a Miracle,are the most moving.

 "Asked which canals are as clear as water, it’s only flowing water. " School party secretary and principal Liao Cuihua movingly, said: "when we all open the dusty memory, we truly found that no matter how rich activities, no matter how vivid media means and more aesthetic form of art, it’s difficult to carry our ten years’ endeavor and the beauty of the naked."

 If said, Pingshan High School’s past ten years is in running in the concise consensus of ten years, in fast development in the accumulation power of ten years, in exploration in the lay based of ten years, so the next decade will be based on the quality of the teachers and students comprehensive qualities promoted to sign, characteristic, fully display the brand ten years

Standing in Shenzhen east and "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" historical opportunity and a new starting point of education planning, the school firmly believes that "man is higher than the mountains, the foot is longer than the road", and all the staffs will be in the development of education modernization, informationization, internationalization path ."Don't forget the beginner's mind, inspirational forward!"



Although these hosts Youth memories of past events are gone, they are vivid and poetic. Let's listen to ping Gao Xuezi Alma mater in the heart!

Li Qiuhui , the first alumni, who is now  the new teacher said emotionally: "2006 Pingshan High school, is a complete school, whichwas the first school without walls I have ever seen. In the evening, the teachers often spontaneously stood in the school peripheral, forming a security wall.  Now, the beautiful campus environment, strong faculty, the universal praise of the society, let I harvest a ping master's happiness. 

Alumni Zeng Wei said: "in 2009, I entered the school. There are  12  colorful  cultural theme month activities. provincial school evaluation to our study gives us strong impetus to study and life. Here, I feel the love from parents, teachers. Because of this, my youth is like vivid poem ”

Alumni Zheng Guangtao Yang said: "the 2010 high plateau, the old society, transfer the true meaning of happiness to us, 'four course of moral education lays a golden line for our high school life."

Xiaoying, President of the Alumni Council: "The person I am most impressed by is a ' wheel- chair girl “. For it,  the school especially set up an “angel escort regiment” which warms  not only “wheel-chair girl”but also each of us. ”

What is the strength to let Pingshan High school in just ten years time, have such a rich connotation and high-end quality and respected?

Ping Shan district public service Commissioner Jiang Guochu believes that "she should be spirits formed during the ten years and life energy that is aroused by the view of teachers and students, that is, “you are the miracle ”.This should be the most appropriate interpretation.



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